By Danisha Bogue, L.Ac. - January 2, 2023
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The New Year is a great time to bring balance back to our bodies. The overindulging and stress of the holidays can take their toll. Especially when we slip out of our healthy routines and regular acupuncture appointments. Here are a few ways with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to get back on track and feel like your healthy self again.

Balance Your Qi

We learn in Traditional Chinese Medicine that when our Qi is unbalanced or stagnant, we can feel depressed, frustrated, and have mood swings and anxiety. Many of our negative emotions come about when our Qi is not right. Our soul is centered in our liver, which we are particularly hard on when overindulging during the holidays and can lead to an unbalanced or stagnant Qi. A liver detox (see last month’s post) may be a good way to get started! Or follow my Qi balancing tips below.

Get Back into Balanced Eating

In order to feel better, we need to return to our healthier TCM diet such as fermented foods like kimchi, miso, and natto, herbs like turmeric, ginseng, and ginger, and healthy fats from nuts, avocados, and coconut oil. It is still important not to go overboard and shock our Qi. A balanced approach helps balance our Qi.

Take Time to Rest

After all that holiday running, rest is also important. Many people like to jump into a new fitness routine that starts every morning at 5 am but sleep and rest are an important part of recharging our Qi. If you have trouble sleeping, try an herbal lotus tea that is calming and rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ease into Exercise

Once we are rested, we are ready for more exercise again. And, no, I don’t mean pounding your body in the gym every morning to the point where you are so sore you can’t move the next day. Overly intense exercise will not only make you want to give up after a week, but it will stagnate your Qi. Lighter exercises like Tai Chi or Yoga daily will bring balance back to your Qi and give you the energy to work up to more intense exercise if you choose.

Drink in the Benefits of Herbal Tea

As I mentioned above, Blue Lotus tea is great for relaxation and melting away that built-up stress from the holidays. Herbs and flowers contain a large amount of Qi and are great for balancing our Qi. Drinking tea is a wonderful way to enjoy the healing benefits of these flowers and herbs. To boost immunity, a healthy heart, and eye health, chrysanthemum tea tastes wonderful on a cold January morning.

Take a Deep Breath and Time to Meditate

During times of stress and even throughout our regular days, we do a lot of shallow breathing. This kind of breathing gets the job done but doesn’t allow our body to relax and heal. Buddhist breathing (or belly breathing) will calm the mind and help balance the Qi. Start by taking a slow deep breath through your nose. Rest your hand on your stomach and feel it expand as you take the air in. Relax your belly beneath your hand as you breathe out of your mouth. Do this multiple times a day to relax and re-center.

Meditation is another TCM way to calm your mind and balance your Qi. You can follow a guided meditation through an app or video or simply find a quiet space to sit for 15 minutes. Connecting your mind and body will reduce the stagnation of your Qi.

Take a Walk in Nature to Clear Negative Thoughts

A walk in the sunshine can do wonders for your Qi in the winter. A chance to absorb Qi directly from the sun, a walk also increases vitamin D production within our bodies which supports bone and immune health. Not getting enough vitamin D can lead to Qi stagnation and feeling fatigued and depressed in the long cold winter months. A short walk in the sun can go a long way toward balancing our Qi, especially in the winter.

Regular Acupuncture Appointments

And, finally, I can help improve the circulation of your Qi with routine acupuncture appointments. We can work together to figure out what your body and Qi need to feel your healthiest and freshest in the new year. Acupuncture will activate the meridians of your body to let your Qi flow more freely and reduce stagnation in the liver. We can find a schedule to fit your busy lifestyle and keep you feeling your best.

Reach out today to book your appointment and start your new year off right!

Be well.



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