By Danisha Bogue, L.Ac. - June 5, 2023
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Rogue Colorado snowstorms aside, the temperatures are rising, school is out, and most of us are ready for summer. This means making vacation plans, trips to the pool, and kicking on the air conditioning. But have you thought about how you’re going to transition your body for summer?

Embrace the Energetics of Summer

Summer is associated with the element of Fire in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which symbolizes expansion, growth, and abundance. The longer days and warmer weather have us spending more time outside moving our bodies and connecting with other people! It’s a great time of year for outdoor exercise (as long as you do so safely), engaging in community events, and exploring artistic endeavors. 

Nourish Your Body with Seasonal Foods

Nutrition plays a huge role in keeping the body healthy and aligned with the world around it. During summer, it’s important to choose foods that help cool and hydrate the body – but if you’re coming from a Western perspective, the best summer foods according to Traditional Chinese Medicine are not always intuitive. While we tend to gravitate towards cold food and drink in the summer, ice-cold drinks and food actually cause your stomach and digestive system to work harder, generating more heat and causing your digestion to slow down. 

Drinking water that’s not ice cold, as well as drinks like green tea can help to expel summer heat and toxins (bonus! Green tea will also help cool heart fire, calm the mind, and remove heat from the liver and gallbladder). You should also be eating lots of “cooling” foods (again, not temperature-cold, foods that act by cooling the body). Some great options of summer foods are:

  • Cucumber
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Yogurt
  • Wheat
  • Fish
  • Mint

Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re looking at health from a Western perspective or from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, staying hydrated in summer is absolutely essential. Proper hydration supports the flow of Qi and helps to maintain balance in your body. Again, opt for room temperature or cool (NOT cold) drinks, such as herbal teas, or water infused with mint or lemon to help cool you down and quench your thirst. 

Protect Your Yang Qi

During summer, Yang energy reigns supreme. These are the warm, active, and energetic energies in our body that make us want to get out and enjoy the season. However, overexertion and excessive sweating can deplete your Yang energy, leaving you feel worn out and even sick. You should balance physical activities with plenty of rest and relaxation. Moderate exercises like swimming, brisk walks, and yoga are great ways to keep your Qi flowing without exhausting yourself. 

Protect Yourself from Heat

Summer heat can be overwhelming, especially if you already have internal imbalances. Protect yourself by wearing loose, breathable clothing made from natural fibers, and use a natural sunscreen to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. It’s also a good idea to avoid being out in the sun in the middle of the day. 

Balance Your Energies with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a fantastic way to balance your energies and improve the flow of Qi through your body. It can help to address specific imbalances, boost energy levels, and enhance your overall vitality. If you are someone who tends to hate the summer, and feels miserable when it gets over 70 degrees outside, it could be due to these imbalances and the buildup of heat in your body. Acupuncture can help you regain balance and enjoy the season!

As we transition into the vibrant and dynamic season of summer, integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine principles into our lives can help to optimize our well-being and enjoy the summer. By embracing the energy of the season, eating the best foods for the season, staying hydrated and safe from the heat, and getting regular acupuncture treatments, we can balance our bodies and feel great all season! Call to schedule your acupuc

Be well.



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